Jaguar F-Type Tuning and Styling Specialists

Jaguar F-Type Tuning Specialists

Jaguar F-Type Tuning Specialists VIEZU.  With our selection of Jaguar performance parts, tuning and upgrades, your Jaguar F-Type upgrade journey begins.


VIEZU are truly the UK’s leading Jaguar F-Type Tuning Specialists. And therefore offer a significant variety of hardware and software upgrades for the Jaguar F-Type that will improve performance, horsepower, and torque. The Jaguar F-Type Specialist Tuning upgrade packages provide 600 bhp, 650 bhp, or 670 bhp, depending upon your needs and model derivative.

Viezu has an excellent history and a well-earned reputation for providing engine software upgrades, often referred to as remapping, chip tuning, or tuning. And, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are considered one of the VIEZU specialists subjects.


Custom engine software compliments hardware changes on the Jaguar F-Type and enhances its drivability and of course, power. Therefore you can choose all or a selection of our hardware upgrades for the Jaguar F-Type. You can upgrade:

  • Air Filters – High-performance high flow filters
  • Full exhaust system with valve control system integrating directly with original switchable exhaust system
  • 200 cell exhaust catalytic converters
  • De-cat pipes
  • Supercharger pulley upgrades (upper, or lower, or both!)
  • And also, Supercharger cooling pack

Worldwide mail order, tax free sales, full UK supply and fit service. As well as home tuning systems available by post.

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