VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust

VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust 

The Mk6 Golf R set the bar extremely high for hot hatches, leaving the GTI 200hp model behind in its wake with 265hp and all-wheel drive, this car is a monster of a Golf. Yet there is something missing, something that is always overlooked when manufacturers build these undeniably amazing cars … and that’s the sound they make.

The stock OEM exhaust sounds muffled, restrictive, dull and muted. When you are full throttle in this car there is a quiet mumble of an exhaust note that sounds like you are listening to a car in a garage next door to your own. It’s there but it’s distant and not clear.

This is why IPE has developed a fully Valvetronic exhaust system to release the full potential and ear-pleasing exhaust notes.

Incorporating the highest grade of T304 stainless steel and a cleanly polished and beautifully finished final assembly, this is the best exhaust you can fit your Mk6 Golf R.

In addition to the high-quality build and finish of this exhaust system, there is the added bonus of the remote control function for the Valvetronic system.

VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust

The driver is now fully in control of the exhaust note with three distinct options available to them.

OFF – for when you want to be a little more discrete and just burble around with a deep but slightly subdued sound.

ON – for when its time to let everyone know where you are and the direction your coming from with the clear crisp crackles and pure performance sound coming through the exhaust from the engine.

AUTO – for those times when you just want to kick back and enjoy the drive and let the system automatically open and close at the given time to remain subtly in the low RPM, and like a thoroughbred in the higher RPM.

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VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust

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Golf R MKVI Exhaust

VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust sale

VW Golf R IPE Exhaust uk

Volkswagen Golf R Exhaust

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VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust Prices

2×100 mm (Round Split)

VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust Full System incl. Down Pipe with Cat-Bypass, Front Pipe, Mid Pipe, Valvetronic Muffler, Remote Control Module & Tips


T304 Stainless Steel


2×100 mm (Round Split)

VW Golf R MKVI IPE Exhaust Valvetronic Muffler incl. Mid Pipe, Remote Control Module & Tips

T304 Stainless Steel


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