IPE Audi R8 V8 & V10 Exhaust Mk2

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R8 Full Exhaust Mufflers X-Pipe

A Symphony Of Sound And Performance | IPE Audi R8 Exhaust

Despite the powerful V10 engine in the 2016 Audi R8 V10, the stock exhaust system cannot deliver the sound needed to make the car sound as impressive as it actually is.

That’s where the IPE Audi R8 Exhaust comes in, making the V10 sound like an automotive symphony. The valve controlled iPE Innotech exhaust system provides more power and an unbelievable transformation in sound thanks to the precise craftsmanship.

You’ll also notice a significant difference in the handling of your vehicle as a result of the weight reduction.

You can choose VIEZU tuning with absolute confidence. With an international car tuning network of over 500 installers and ECU remapping for over 5000 vehicle types, no one else is better positioned to help with all your car tuning and performance upgrade requirements.


V8 Facelift

Utilizing OE Tips

Exhaust Valvetronic Muffler incl. X Pipe & Remote Control Module

T304 Stainless Steel


V10 Facelift

Utilizing OE Tips

Exhaust Valvetronic Muffler incl. X Pipe & Remote Control Module

T304 Stainless Steel


After the fitting of your chosen high performance parts and upgrades, Viezu can also perform a custom remap to ensure all of the performance parts are working in harmony and to greatest effect. This can of course be carried out on the Viezu rolling road so you get to see all the results first hand.

Viezu specialises in quality performance parts and upgrades. All upgrades and performance parts fittings are carried out with a deep respect for the original vehicle, reliability and customer requirements. Huge power is useless if your vehicle becomes unreliable, the new wheels rub on your wheel arches, or the new shiny exhaust hits every speed bump. Ultimately, adding performance parts and upgrades is about enhancing your driving experience, not ruining it.

Just because it can be bolted on does not always mean it should be!

Performance upgrades are about improving your vehicle’s performance, looks and sound, giving a unique, custom feel and drive without sacrificing reliability or your vehicle’s value.

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