Range Rover TDV8 Tuning

Date Added: 13/06/2010

Range Rover TDV8 Tuning at Viezu   

Range Rover TDV* tuning and ECU Remapping, great news, Viezu has just released their new Range Rover TDV8 Tuning map. The Range Rover TDV8 is a very popular vehicle to be tuned. Viezu can now give very significant additional power and torque completely transforming the TDV8 Diesel Range Rover. Viezu have now moved offices, you can find our full range of car tuning and remapping at or contact us here The new Viezu tuning software remaps the Range Rover’s ECU adding an addition 65bhp. Tests have shown that ECU tuning on the Range Rover can also deliver impressive fuel savings rewarding the driver with up to an additional 4mpg. As well as Range rover TDV8 tuning, Viezu can tune all Range Rover Models including the new Range Rover 5.0 and 4.2 supercharged engines. The Petrol 5.0 Range Rover tunes very well and the addition of a modified supercharger pulley can see power increases in the region of 50+ bhp and significant gains in torque Viezu is constantly developing and improving its ECU tuning services. All development work is carried out in Viezu’s state of the art environmentally controlled Dyno cell, which houses Viezu’s 3000bhp rolling road and emission testing station. To see if your vehicle is covered please see: Viezu - We never settle for second place! / Our web site has lots of information on it, and you can look up specific vehicles here: