Range Rover SVR Tuning and Remapping


Range Rover SVR Tuning and Remapping

The Range Rover SVR is the king of Range Rovers but just because its already running great power over the traditional Range Rover does not mean there is not still an opportunity to boost power a little further and turn up the grin factor – in fact huge more grins are available on the SVR with a with Viezu remap and supercharger pulley

Range Rover svr remapping


Viezu has achieved near world fame with its Jaguar XKR 650bhp Vanta Black edition, and the Jaguar F Type 650bhp Predator, as tested by AutoCar in July 2016. The Range Rover SVR of course shares the same V8 5.0 beating heart, and so it is no surprise Range Rover SVR tuning and upgrades can deliver the same type of impressive power gains.

Range Rover SVR tuning and remapping will in fact see gain of around 70bhp, giving a huge lift in power, throttle response and “pull” across the full rev range, the addition of the smaller supercharger pulley to the SVR Range Rover really helps bring the power in sooner and lower down, meaning when you want a little more “go” its right on tap, turning the Range Rover SVR into a complete monster.

Ranmge Rover SVR tuning

Viezu offer full custom Range Rover SVR tuning at our head office, the work is completed on the dyno with emission testing and full detailed explanation of the work and tuning being given, but if you can’t get to us done worry, for the Viezu Range Rover SVR tuning packages is also available mail order, the Viezu Home tuning systems can be supplied for the SVR so no matter where you are in the world, we can send your SVR tuning out in the post ready to up load          

If you would like to know more about our Range Rover Tuning, and SVR Tuning and remapping, just drop us a mail to info@viezu.com