Learn to Tune and Remap – Alientech ECM Training Course

Learn to tune and Remap – Alientech ECM Training Course

Learn to tune and Remap – Alientech ECM Training Course. A number of unique training sessions have been set up in collaboration with Alientech Italy, and Alientech UK.  The Alientech ECM tuning software is used in these courses and car tuning sessions.

Throughout the course, the tutor will guide you step by step through the process of not only using the ECM tuning and remapping software. But also its functions and capabilities. As well as how to construct a tuning file from start to finish.

ECM Training Course ECM Training Course

Alientech ECM Training Course

December’s ECM training course

Six delegates joined us from around the world for the Alientech ECM Gasoline and Diesel tuning training – 3 day training course. Which was held on the 5th December at the VIEZU HQ training centre.  

The days and format of the training was as follows….

  • Day 1 – Introduction to ECM Titanium ECU Remapping and Tuning Software
  • Day 2 – Focus on Diesel Engine Remapping
  • Day 3 – Focus on Petrol (Gasoline) Engine ECU Remapping

On the second day, which covers diesel training, a Peugeot with a EDC17-C60 ECU was used in the tuning and live dyno training. As well as a Passat EDC17 Cp14 ECU.

And then on the third day, which was petrol / gasoline tuning training, a supercharged Range Rover 5.0 with a Med17.8.32 ECU was used both in the file writing and also for the live dyno session. As well as a VW Golf with the 2.0 Tsi engine and MED17.5 ECU.

ECM Training Course

Alientech ECM Training Course

It provides a great learning and training experience to combine classroom instruction with hands-on dyno training. The training features a hands-on approach to working live developing tuning files and maps. The dyno session is also a key part of the training, including testing of the training tuning files and software. With this approach and combination training, VIEZU has created one of the most unique car tuning courses in the UK.

VIEZU.  There are various tuning tool training programs offered by Remap101, including training on most mainstream tuning tools. In addition, we offer training on most mapping software, including Alientech, Magic, CMD, WinOls, Magic, Swiftech and Dimsport.

Free Tuning Tool Training

A number of free online training sessions are available, these include training for tuning tool use. In addition, more experienced tuners can receive advanced WinOLS training.

ECM Training Course
Learn to tune and Remap

You can see the full list of both in-house in-class training courses and online training courses here on the Remap101 website.  Or email the training team at info@VIEZU.com