Land Rover Defender Tuning – Defender Td5 Tuning

Land Rover Defender Tunig – Defender Td5 Tuning

The Land Rover Defender has had a number of different engines over the years, one of the most well-known of which was the Td5, which Viezu offer Td5 tuning for. Introduced in 1998, the Land Rover Defender was fitted with a new 2.5 litre, five cylinder in-line turbo diesel. This Td5 engine was introduced to replace the previous Tdi engine in order to meet Euro 3 emissions regulations. The engine used electronic control systems; something its predecessor did not, and remained in production until 2007 when it was replaced by Ford?s Duratorq engine. Details of Viezu?s Land Rover Td5 Defender tuning can be found here, with available software performance upgrades of up to 30 BHP and 55 Nm of torque depending on the chosen software. Further details of Viezu?s Land Rover Defender tuning along with Viezu?s full range of all Land Rover tuning can be found on Viezu?s site here

Not only can Viezu provide a range of Defender software tuning options, but now Viezu offers a range of parts upgrades too. Styling parts range from snorkels to grills and wheels, while performance parts upgrades include intercoolers and exhaust systems. Full details of Viezu?s Land Rover Defender styling and performance parts can be found here, and will compliment any software upgrade made to the vehicle, ensuring Viezu is the one place you want to bring you Land Rover TD5 Defender. Full details of what improvements Viezu?s Land Rover Td5 Defender tuning software can offer can be found here. You can also check out our latest videos here and keep up to date with our latest Land Rover tuning (amongst others!) here Land Rover Tuning and Range Rover tuning form Viezu

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