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Jaguar Tuning and Engine Modifications from Viezu

Date Added: 24/04/2012

Jaguar XK in the Viezu workshop


Jaguar Tuning and Engine Modifications from Viezu This week we have been back to our roots with some Jaguar XK Tuning again, we just love this Jaguar XK 5.0 tuning is so productive. This fine example of the Jaguar XK is the supercharged 5.0, it was in with us this week from a very special customer. Work to be completed was full jaguar performance exhaust, modified supercharger pulley and Viezu ecu remap to pull it all together.



The Viezu Jaguar tuning delivered over 50bhp and a very significant increase in throttle responce and midrange acceleration. Viezu specialise in European car tuning and car tuning training, this includes our range of Aston Martin tuning and Jaguar tuning, offering not only ecu remapping for almost all European vehicles but a full range of performance parts and accessories too. If you would like to learn to tune Jaguars are any other European vehicle be it petrol, gasoline or Diesel we will be very happy to help. Viezu offer car tuning classes from our academy and car tuning services from our 375 strong worldwide dealer network – you can see more details here on our website or mail us at