Black Cab and Taxi Economy Tuning

Black Cab Tuning London FlashRemapping in Association with Viezu Technologies have today launched its London Taxi (LTI) remapping package after much research and development. We can now tune both TX2 and TX4 black cabs and Taxis. London Taxis and Cab tuning is a very important to service. Taxis and London Black Cab are very hard working vehicles covering many miles in their working life. The FlashRemapping tuning on these vehicles has been specifically designed to give a little more power ( 20Bhp on TX2s and 25Bhp on TX4s ) but more improtantly in todays high fuel price enviroment, the ECU remappinmg and tuning can give taxis improved fuel economy and reduce C02.

Black cab tuning fuel economy

After testing the taxi cab tuning results show improvements on fuel economy of between 2 and 4 MPG making it a very financially viable engine tune. To coinside with this launch FlashRemapping will be offering discounts on the usual price of £349 for the first 50 vehicles remapped at our Bexleyheath branch to £275 all inclusive. London taxi and Black cab owners will still benefit from the usual 7 day money back guarantee, lifetime software support and industry leading insurance is also included. For more details or to make a booking for your LTI taxi please contact is at  Viezu,

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