Bentley Tuning – GT Turbo Tuning with Viezu


Bentley Tuning – GT Turbo Bentley Tuning with Viezu


  bentley tuning and engine remapping

Viezu – Bentley GT Turbo Tuning This week Viezu was very pleased to be appointed to tune the Bentley Continental turbo of Sylvain Distin, (Everton Defence – Premiership – for these not in the know where football is concerned)  Sylvain was a really nice chap and a great sport who was over the moon with the tuning undertaken. Even if he did make Jason look a little short, and a little more rounded !    

The Bentley Continental Turbo Sport reacts very well to tuning, easily giving an additional 70BHP. After remapping and tuning the Bentley will feel much smoother and more responsive through the gears, power will be stronger and mid range acceleration is simply mind blowing for such a big car ! Hope you enjoy Sylvain. See us in action at Viezu tuning have moved to hew HQ offices, you can find us here: VIEZU HQ or check our dealers here: Viezu Dealer Map

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