Alientech Kess3, 3 of the best features  

Alientech Kess3, 3 of the best features

Alientech Kess3, 3 of the best features. VIEZU supply and train on most tuning tools in the industry. All tuning tools come with free set up, training and support 7 days a week. In addition both master and slave / dealer versions of tools are available.

Among the most popular tuning tool providers is the Alientech range including the world class leading Alientech kess3 tuning tool.

These days a bit like cars, no body makes a bad tuning tool ( accept the clone knock-off tools, but lets not go there! ) so of all the tuning tools on the market, why would you consider the Kess3

The Alientech Kess 3 has some great functions and features. So lets take a look at just a few of them

Alientech kess3 cheap
Alientech kess3

 Functions and features of the Kess

Alientech Kess3,  3 of the best features

  • Recovery Mode – Probably the number one get out of jail free card. In life sooner or later things don’t good to plan. And in tuning the normally means a car you are working on now will not start. And that is when you use the recovering mode. To recover the ECU data that otherwise would be lost – A life saver every time.


  • Log Files – if you fail to tune an ECU for some reason. The Alientech Kess has the ability to capture log files. A data log of what was happening, or failing to happen during the tuning process. Very useful indeed And when combined with the very good tech support offered by Alientech. The Log files can quickly track an issue


  • Service Mode tuning – Another great feature of the Kess tuning tool. For many years the only way to tune many ECU’s was to open them and connect to the board of the ECU. Time consuming and added some risk to the process of tuning too. With service mode there is now no need to open most ecus. Tuning can be performed by connecting to the terminals on the outside of the ECU. Making tuning, quicker, easier and with less risk.
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Alientech kess3


Alientech Kess 3 of the best features. There are many addition features, but we feel these are some of the best.

You can see the full range of Alientech tuning tool, parts and accessories here in the tuning shop

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Free Kess3 Training video’s and online courses can be found here: Kess3 OBD training Course

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