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DAF Buses

Product ImageDAF trucks are high quality trucks, built by people with a passion for what they do and Viezu is very happy to be able to provide a wide range of DAF truck engine remapping. Viezu has developed range of DAF engine remaps and DAF ECU software remapping chip tuning services that covers almost the whole DAF vehicle range. The DAF tuning Viezu provide is completely custom written meaning it can be tailor made to suit your needs. A DAF tune from Viezu can come in a number of different forms. The performance tune will improve overall power and torque, along with driveability and throttle response. Alternatively there is the economy tune which will improve fuel economy and fuel efficiency for the vehicle. Viezu has remaps covering both DAF diesel tuning and DAF petrol tuning. Most of the DAF tuning can be carried out quickly and efficiently through use of the OBD port and a remap can be installed in as little as 45minutes. All of the remaps and DAF tuning produced by Viezu can be tailored to your exact needs, whether you want all out performance or an economy remap offering fuel saving. All DAF tuning and remapping work comes with Viezu’s no quibble money back guarantee and full underwritten insurance. Viezu DAF Tuning is developed in house by our team of ECU software and remapping experts using our environmentally controlled rolling road which can test remaps extensively for many thousands of miles both in simulated and real life conditions. Viezu has performance and economy engine remaps for the majority of the modern DAF range, including the DAF Bus bmc, Cf65, Lf45 and the DAF XF105.  

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