Magic Motorsport Flex Full Software Package Slave Version

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Software, Magic Motorsport Slave Activation FULL Flex Tuning tool

All the same great tuning coverage that comes with the car, bike and van applications. But, with the very useful addition of gearbox and DSG tuning

The Magic Motorsport Slave Activation FULL protocols is the one really want if you are a professional tuner, looking for the best coverage. Adding gearbox and DSG Tuning to your flex tool is a sure way of maximising every job and every car you work on.

This is the full list of available cars for tuning + gearboxes too. Its outstanding value for money when you look at alternative tuning devices.

The Flex tools is very flexible, and is adaptable to you and your tuning business. With the choice of single ECU types, or groups such as motorbikes, cars or even gearboxes. This inbuilt flexibility makes Flex a cost effective tool to use.