Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool Hardware Kit for New Users

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The Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool Hardware

Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool Hardware. The entry point in operating the Magic Motorsport tuning platform. Unlike many tuning tools the Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool is not predefined as a master or slave tuning device. The Device is simply sold as hardware, to which you can add vehicle tuning protocols. Either master or slave, full or single protocols and activations.

This means the Flex tuning device is very flexible and custom to you and your tuning operation. Add single ECU types, or groups such as motorbikes, cars or even gearboxes. This flexibility makes it a very cost effective tool to operate. And, your tuning coverage can grow as your business grows.

Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool Hardware
Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool Hardware

Magic Flex Tuning FLK02 – FLEX Full Kit HW

The flex tuning tool offers easy tuning and remapping of the software of most ECU units directly through the OBD port. Covering most cars, bikes, vans, and light commercial vehicles. Simply purchase your hardware unit, and add the software protocols for the vehicle coverage you want to offer. You will require internet signal, a lap top, running windows software, and car battery charger. And then you will have access to all the potential that the tool offers you.

For additional coverage for non OBD tuneable vehicles, repairing and cloning of ECUs. The Flexbox module offers BDM, Bootloader, JTAG and AUD tunings. The two elements together, offer unrivalled tuning coverage and applications

Full set up and training comes as standard for the OBD tuning and ECU remapping. Further courses and tuning training is available tuning file creation, and use of the Flexbox connection and use.

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Available as Master or Slave, and all at trade price, the software activations include :

Flex Infineon Tricore TC17xx

Flex TCU OBD + Bench

Motorola MPC5xx


Renesas SH7xxxx

Siemens C165/166/167



Bike ECU OBD + Bench

Full Flex SW Package

Please let us know how you would like your Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool Hardware to be configured.

Magic Motorsport Tuning

Free Training Video – Learn to use the Magic Flex tuning tool in boot mode

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