Magic Motorsport Flex Software Activation Master Version

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Software Activation, Magic Motorsport Master Activation Flex Tuning Tool

Magic Motorsport Flex Software Activation ECU (cars, vans, bikes) OBD and Bench Master Version

To accompany the Magic Motorsport tuning hardware, you will now want to purchase the software protocols to activate it before you can start tuning.

If you want to operate a master tuning platform and have the ability to buy files or, write your own tuning files, or both; you will of course need the master level software protocols to activate your tool as a master tuning unit.

As it is the software you purchase that makes your tool either a master or a slave tuning tool.

Viezu supply all versions of the tuning software and protocols for the Magic Motorsport systems.

The most popular by far is car protocols, and it is the master levels protocols shown here in this shop item.

All cars, bikes and vans available for tuning both OBD and direct to the ecu tuning through the Flexbox.

The Flex tool is very adaptable to you and your remapping business. It offers the choice of single ecu’s or groups, like motorbikes, cars or gearboxes. This flexibility makes the Magic Flex tuning device very good value for money.

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