Land Rover Defender Machined Face Sawtooth Wheels 16″ : Defender

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Land Rover Defender Machined Face Sawtooth Wheels 16″

Land Rover Defender Machined Face Sawtooth Wheels 16″. These wheels look great on any Defender. They were available on the later Defenders as a factory fit option. The Sawtooth Defender wheels are available individually, or a set of 4 or 5 wheels. You can see the set options in the VIEZU shop too.

In addition, VIEZU can supply wheel and tyre packages, and a full fitting service is available if required.

The Defender Sawtooth alloy wheel is sometimes known as the X-Tech Wheel. It was fitted to the last of the top range Land Rover Defenders. This is an 16″ version of the wheel. However it is also available in 18″ for those wanting to make a little bit more of a style impact.  Available both in gloss black and as shown here, machine / diamond cut face

The 16″ Defender Sawtooth wheels will fit all Defender models that have disc brakes. If your Defender is 1983-1990 and has drum brakes, don’t worry. For a small additional fee. VIEZI can arrange to machine the Land Rover Defender sawtooth wheels so they fit the early vehicles to. Please let the team know if you need any help with this.

VIEZU offer a worldwide mail order and full UK fitting service. And tax-free international sales are available. As well as Land Rover Defender service, parts, tuning and restoration services from VIEZU. Defender USA imports and export specialists for parts and complete vehicles too.

Land Rover Defender Restoration and Upgrades

Land Rover Defender restoration services available. Paintwork, bodywork, welding and repair work carried out.  Full chassis change service offered in house at VIEZU. Interior upholstery, seats, and carpet work undertaken. VIEZU offer free vehicle inspections and assessments for restoration vehicles.

Land Rover Defender specialists please e-mail the service and support team with any questions. info@VIEZU.COM

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