Jaguar 3.0 ltr V6 Supercharger Pulley

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Jaguar 3.0ltr V6 Supercharger Pulley – Upper Pulley

Jaguar 3.0 ltr V6 Supercharger Pulley – Upper Pulley. The VIEZU upgraded Jaguar supercharger pulley will deliver a significant improvement in throttle response. As well as acceleration and pull across the whole RPM range. So in short, a smother, faster more abundant power delivery. Power and performance will increase by around 25bhp.

What you may not know is the factory 3.0 V6 super charger pulley is already smaller. The supercharger fitted is in fact the same on the 5.0 V8 and the V6 engine.  But, Jaguar don’t fit the same supercharger pulley to both engines. The supercharger pulley fitted to the 3.0 V6 is smaller than the V8 pulley. Many suppliers of upgraded pulleys will sell the same “smaller” pulley for the V6 as they do for the V8. But if you own a V6 engined car – that is not the supercharger pulley you are looking for!

Don’t waste your money!

In fact, what nobody wants to tell you is…..the smaller V8 pulley sold as an upgrade is pretty much the same size as the factory one fitted to the V6. So you are wasting your money. You are in fact buying a pulley that will make little or no difference.

Unlike most suppliers, VIEZU has specially designed and developed an even smaller Jaguar 3.0ltr V6 supercharger.

Pulleys and Jaguar performance upgrades are available mail order. But if you can, why not take advantage of the VIEZU fitting service. And if you like the team can  carry out a custom tune and remap to take account of your new pulley too. Further boosting performance.

Alternatively, your new pulley can be sent out to you complete with fitting instructions. Worldwide mail order, and tax free international sales are available. And if you need any help at all, or have any questions. Just e-mail

Please see here for a fitting training video especially for our mail order customers. How to fit a supercharger pulley


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