Autotuner Slave Tuning Tool

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Autotuner Slave Tuning Tool

Autotuner Slave Tuning Tool from VIEZU. The Slave Autotuner remapping system is a tuning tool designed for ecu remapping and chip-tuning. The tool and software reads and writes original and tuning information from the vehicle’s ECU through the OBD diagnostic port. Or in some cases through boot mode direct to the ecu itself.

Autotuner is available in both master and slave versions. The tool also performs the file encryption/decryption process. This item shown here is the dealer or Slave version.

Autotuner is FAST! Due to its cortex x m4 processor reading and tuning is ultra-fast. Autotuner also performs a backup of the TriCore information online automatically.

The slave version of the Autotuner will help you locate the ECU or OBD diagnostic socket on the vehicle and then take you step by step through the process of reading and tuning with illustrated support and guidance.

All information is continuously updated and free of charge there is no licence fee for the slave version of the tuning tool.

All compatible cars are displayed as a list so that you can quickly and easily select the ECU you want to read.

The Slave Autotuner system has a 5 year warranty, it comes with free training sessions, installation and support. Live tech support and file service is open 7 days a week.

Worldwide sales and service, fast door to door mail order delivery. And sales outside of teh Uk are UK tax free too. Set up, training and support included.

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