Armytrix Mercedes Benz W213 E250 Exhaust System

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Armytrix Mercedes Benz W213 E250 Exhaust System

Armytrix Mercedes Benz W213 E250 Exhaust System

• Different versions of exhaust are available, and EV motor bypass (EVP3) may be required. Utilize VIN & photos to verify models prior installation
• Fit to both Left-Hand Drive/Right-Hand Drive cars
Armytrix OBDII Control Module required, and for Facelifted models, Dynamic Select can be used for: Comfort → Off / Sport → Auto / Sport + → On

VIEZU offer a supply and fit service in the UK for all Armytrix exhaust systems. As well as a UK and international mail order shipping. With Door to Door delivery to most locations. In addition, worldwide international sales are tax free.

For further information or technical support, please email or Call +44 (0) 1789 774444

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 60 cm

Mercedes Benz, Mercedes


W213 E250, W213 E250 2019, W213 E250 2D, W213 E250 2D 2019




MB132-C, MB132-6C, MB32C-LC, MB32C-6LC, MB32C-RC, MB32C-6RC, MB052-LDD, MB052-LCD, MB052-LDDC, MB052-LCDC, MB052-R6DD, MB052-R6DDC, MB052-RDD, MB052-RCD, MB052-RDDC, MB052-RCDC