Alientech KESS V2 Slave – Hardware

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Alientech KESS V2 Slave – Hardware.

Please note this item has now been superseded to the New Kess3 : See Here:

Alientech KESS v2 Slave – Hardware. Hardware only – blank tool (no protocols or software included).

Alientech KESS V2 Slave (Tool Hardware) Alientech Kess V2 Slave tool and following cables: 094300CAN1 – 144300K201.

If you are looking for Kess Slave protocols, these can be found here Kess Slave Cars / Bikes

The Kess V2 is probably the most popular tuning system and tool anywhere at this time. Its unbelievable coverage, regular updates, low running costs and ability to move from master to master and upgrade to master level (T&Cs may apply) make the Alientech KESS V2 Slave the leading tuning tool.

The KESS V2 Slave does not come with tuning protocols as standard.  This item is the hardware and basics cable set, you can add protocols (vehicle coverage) in our shop. Choose from Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Marine, and Agricultural protocols, or any combination of the protocol packages. But if you’re not sure, or if you would like a demonstration of the Alientech KESSV2 Slave tuning system, please contact our support team, and we can arrange this for you.

Each Alientech KESSV2 Slave tool must be linked to a Kess Master who will provide your tuning files, software, and support.  However, if you don’t have a master ready to support you, we can do this directly.  If you do have a master tuning file provider ready to support you, please confirm the details of the master the slave Kess V2 is to be paired to at the time of order, and we will do the rest.

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