Alientech ECM Titanium 3.0 Subscription 12 months

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Alientech ECM Titanium 3.0 Subscription 12 months

Alientech ECM Titanium Subscription 12 months. The ECM Titanium remapping software developed by Alientech allows the user to be able to view and tune without any external assistance any of the original calibrations for engine and transmission control units.

When you purchase the full or promo version of the software, it will come with 12 months new and additional subscription. However, to keep access to the free ECM drivers. After 12 months you will require a new Alientech ECM Titanium Subscription 12 months package. As such, without a new subscription, your ECM will revert to the credit version of teh software.

Remapping the control unit simply means changing the parameters inside it in order to enhance the performance of the engine. As well as TCU’s and transmission ECU. controls.

Remaps allow you to alter engine power, torque, acceleration, air and fuel entering the cylinders, transmission shift points, and much more. Therefore resulting in an enhanced personality and character for your vehicle.

To remap an ECU, you need to read the original file. You can then edit it with the software, and program it into the control unit after tuning. Therefore you can use either an OBD programmer or a bench programmer to read and write a vehicle.  This will depend on the type of application and control unit fitted to the vehicle.

A remapping program allows you to read, modify, and perfect the instructions contained in each map.

It is these types of modifications that the ECM software will perform. And having a new Alientech ECM Titanium Subscription package means the drivers and changes are available to you free

Work Autonomously

One easy and intuitive software environment. Through ECM TITANIUM 3.0 you have at your disposal a database with over 100.000 Divers and original files available for download. Every day our technical team produces new ones or improves the existing ones.

The Drivers guide you to understand the maps inside the original file, only a small part of which are relevant for calibration and, through the information contained in the Driver. Therefore you can modify the correct maps to obtain perfect recalibrations.

Meet every operational need.

Online and Offline, always efficient recalibrations. You can download the updated Drivers list directly from the Alientech database. In addition to any updates of the software itself. Once done, the drivers are yours forever and you can also use them Offline, thus satisfying your every need of work. Therefore the goal is to give you easy and efficient software, that you can use Online and Offline as required. You decide how to manage your work, we give you the right tools to do it.

Remap any vehicles.

Simple modifications, amazing results. ECM TITANIUM is the most complete remapping software. Therefore it is versatile, reliable, and easy to use, compatible with the original files of all vehicles and intuitive. From the first window to the last you know where you are and what you can do.

Amazing recalibrations for ease of use and efficient results. Raise the remapping standard.


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