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Ford Ranger Remapping, Tuning, Styling, & Performance Upgrades

Custom Ford Ranger Styling

Our Ford Ranger tuning, performance parts and body kits will give your Ranger impressive style points, superior performance, and improved functionality.

The Ford Ranger is a wildly popular pickup – and Viezu has taken it one step further.

It’s a rugged off-roader, do-anything vehicle, and practical family car rolled into one.

The Ford Ranger has good handling and low-down power and can fit in anyone’s lifestyle. However, Viezu has taken it further and developed a more purposeful and impressive look and feel for the Ford Ranger.

ford ranger tuning and styling

Ford Ranger Styling: Your Choice, Your Style

Viezu has kept the Ford Ranger true to its roots and rugged appearance, refining it further with bespoke styling parts.

Choose from a range of styling parts to create your very own bespoke styling package, including custom Ford Ranger wheel arches, Ranger alloy wheels and performance parts. Nothing is off-limits, so design your Ranger to suit your styling preferences.

Go Wider with Ford Ranger Wide Wheel Arches

It’s all about ‘Stance’ - Ford Ranger Wide body kits are the must-have accessory. These kits not only offer an excellent 2” flare, but they also offer practicality, protecting your Ranger from off-road damage. This wide body kit for Ford Ranger is bolt-on appearance and uses pre-drilled factory holes for easy installation.

Ford Ranger tuning and styling wide wheel arches

Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels

Transfer power and torque (increased with a Signature Viezu Remap for your Ford Ranger with a set of rugged-stylish 20” diamond cut alloys.

These hard-wearing 8-spoke alloys fitted with all-terrain tyres will improve traction in all driving conditions.

	Ford Ranger 20 inch alloy wheels diamond cut 8 spoke

Improve Stance with Uprated Suspension Lift Kit

Tried and tested in the Australian outback, the Ford Ranger lift kit from Viezu gives the Ford Ranger a much smoother ride.

Clear off-road obstacles with ease. Extra ground clearance (a 1.75” lift) and smooth progressive suspension parts improves the ride quality, on and off-road.

Take your Ford Ranger to a greater height with a custom remap with Viezu – make your off-roading a bit more exciting.

Be Seen and See Better with Front Lighting

Road safety is important – and with increased pressure from motoring groups to be seen on the roads – the addition of extra lighting on your Ford Ranger is paramount.

Take advantage of Viezu’s statement front LED-backlit grille for Ford Ranger. Not only safety conscious, but this Ford Ranger front grille is also stylish too, with white LED backlit FORD lettering. For the ultimate choice, these LEDs can be wired as Daytime running lights (on all the time), or controlled with your sidelights.

Match this FORD grille with Mustang style front lights and you have a mean-looking power machine.

Ford Ranger tuning and styling front LED grille and Mustang headlightsFord Ranger tuning and styling front LED grille and Mustang headlights and wheel arches

Enhance these Mustang Style headlights further to get a complete white front light for better visibility with an LED light upgrade from Viezu.

	Ford Ranger Mustang Style Lights - Halogen BulbsFord Ranger Mustang Style Lights - LED BULBS

Before and after the Ford Ranger's Mustang style front lights LED lamp upgrade

Add extra Functionality to your Ford Ranger

Often the most overworked and overlooked part of the car, the tailgate is a heavy part of the car and will come crashing down without a guiding hand.

Add some functionality to all that extra street style and power with a tailgate damper. A small, yet powerful accessory, the tailgate damper smoothly and progressively lowers the tailgate – giving you access to the trunk quickly and safely.

Ford Ranger tuning and styling tailgate damper gas strut

Here’s a Ford Ranger We Upgraded Earlier…

Find out more about this Ford Ranger 3.2 Wildtrak's transformation on Viezu TV on Viezu's YouTube Channel, the latest in-car customisation and modernisation.


Ford Ranger Tuning

Viezu is known for being vehicle tuning specialist. Owed to continuous and rigorous research and development, Viezu has created an amazing and versatile Ford Ranger performance and styling package.

With a carefully refined Ford Ranger remap, you can expect impressive gains and a much-improved distribution of power right through the rev range. To find out how Ford Ranger engine tuning works, check this out.

	Ford Ranger Tuning and Styling remap

These changes to the engine software give your Ford Ranger a more responsive drive, better off-road and towing capabilities, and increase fuel efficiency by creating an even release of power.

	Ford Ranger tuning and styling engine tune

To give an example, the recently tuned Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 TDCi – a great all-rounder. At stock, this engine holds a respectable 197HP and 470Nm of torque. Following a Viezu engine tune, this Ford Ranger gained an additional 40HP and 70Nm of torque, now 540Nm torque, and 237HP. All whilst holding a better power distribution transformed into a pulling machine.

Check out our video on YouTube for more:

Ford Ranger Tuning and Styling Packages

All our Ford Ranger styling parts and Ranger tuning packages are available fitted in our UK workshop, or international mail order shipped directly to your own garage/workshop.

Each Ford Ranger Tuning and Styling package is carefully designed to allow for easy self-installation, depending on your technical competency.

To find out more, contact Viezu on +44 (0)1789 774444, or email

Ford Ranger tuning and styling dyno run