Alientech DSG Tuning Cable set for KESSv2 - VAG DSG Tuning Cables Temic DQ200,DQ250,DQ500,DQ501

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Alientech DSG Tuning Cables for the KESS v2 - ECU Connector Cable for VAG DSG DQ250, DQ200 DQ500 and DL501

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VAG DSG Temic cables used for direct connection to VAG DSG gearboxes - DQ200\DQ25\DQ500\DQ501

Tuning DSG gearboxes will affect the driveability of your VAG vehicle in multiple ways:

  • Improved drive-ability and gearshift response
  • Removal of the soft, lazy gear change characteristics from daily driving
  • Improved gear shift timing means you spend less time waiting for the next gear during overtaking manoeuvres
  • Greater and more noticeable difference between normal DRIVE and the SPORT setting. The Sport setting can be made more responsive and even aggressive if you require. This creates a completely new gearbox dynamic for the SPORT setting which truly unlocks the additional power from the engine.
  • A TIPTRONIC that behaves even more like a manual gearbox. Adjustments to max rpm shift points for the track day enthusiasts. Additional power from the engine through torque manipulation in the DSG.
  • Torque increased from 350nm to over 550nm depending upon which level of tune required.
  • Up to 70% reduction in shift time in SPORT and TIPTRONIC modes, with up to 40% reduction in shift time in normal DRIVE
  • Fully unlock the power of an engine remap through the optimisation of the torque characteristics and thresholds within the DSG.

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