Course Date:
03/10/2017 - 05/10/2017

Address: Bidford on Avon ,Bidford on Avon ,United Kingdom ,United Kingdom ,B50 4JN


As will all our training courses, this training is only available to on genuine EVC WinOLS software; if you do not currently have the software a demonstration version can be made available to you.

Course Overview:

Full tour, explanations and demonstration of EVCs WinOLS

The Tutorials are world leading and delivered with a unique learning style incorporating NLP to ensure knowledge is not only transferred but understood.  Viezu training courses are hands-on and practical, you will have the opportunity to test what you have learnt in our fully equipped workshop.

  • Learn the commands and logic of the software
  • See the classification of maps
  • Learn to make map packs
  • How to create projects
  • How to duplicate and export successfully
  • Important functions and checks
  • The effective and correct us of EVC WinOLS
  • Live dyno tuning

Live Dyno Tuning taking what has been learnt on the 2 day Diesel WinOLS course and applying it to the real world of tuning.


Email for further details.