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VW GOLF VII 2014 GTI Tuning Case Study

Date Added: 29/04/2014

VW GOLF VII 2014 GTI Tuning Case Study

VW GOLF VII 2014 GTI Tuning Market leading development is one of our core business principles here at Viezu Technologies. The car pictured above is the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2014, with 230hp stock flywheel BHP. This car is currently in development for ECU tuning or engine remapping to be carried out. But this would leave our customer base without a performance upgrade option until the ECU tuning is developed. We are proud to announce the release of our brand new V-BOX application for the VW GOLF MK7 GTI.

Below you will be able to read through the highlights of the fine tuning of the unit on our in house Mustang AMD-500 AWD 3000hp dyno. Base lining the vehicle is always the first step in any product development. This is where our dyno facilities allow us to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Being able to monitor the vehicle operating parameters, EGT's, IAT's, AFR's, knock sensors etc etc etc, oh and of course checking the car with the tried and tested det-cans to add a human element into the data logging to monitor any adverse ignition events in the engine. The car, as expected, ran very good power in stock form, producing just over 200hp at the wheels. The newest ranges of VW's are running much lower drive train losses than their predecessors as the manufacturers strive to produce ever more fuel efficient cars. After the original runs the new VBOX was fitted to the vehicle and the calibration fine tuning was carried out.


Above you can see 1 of the two sensors fitted to the vehicle here to the master MAP sensor


Above you can see our technician James fitting the unit to the salve MAP sensor

Installation took approximately 5 minutes and required nothing more than some clear day light to see your connectors and couple of zip ties to install the excess cable next to the stock loom. Following the installation we ran through a number of test procedures on the vehicle and began to trim the unit up to the maximum safe level for the car. It is always vitally important to point out that when tuning a vehicle, either via a Viezu Remap or a VBOX, that the vehicle is tuned safely and responsibly.

Too often we see crazy figures quoted and crazy modifications to cars only to see them suffer mechanical failures or issues with longevity. We DO NOT do that. Our tuning is about smooth progressive power delivery that is kind on components and the drive train and also offers manufacturer levels of reliability and component longevity.

After several runs trimming the software to obtain the ideal fuelling and overall performance we were looking for. We settled with a superb and consistent level of tune offering up to 35hp at the wheels and  up to 35ft lbs of torque (50nm for those calculating in metric). Below you can see the final runs from the test vehicle. The car had less than 3000 miles on the clock and is still bedding in as it's a little tight and restrictive still, but it went VERY well with the VBOX installed.

VW GOLF gti chip tune

VW Golf GTI tuning and remapping from Viezu. VW tuning available for all makes and models, performance tuning and fuel economy tuning also available fro Diesel Vw's