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VW Golf R32 tuning and R32 Supercharger Upgrades

Date Added: 02/10/2010

    VW Golf R32 tuning TRD Supercharged

VW Golf R32 tuning viezu

VW Golf R32 tuning and the R32 Supercharged!

The VW Golf R32 is not a slow car, but with a little spice in the form of a super charger and suddenly the nice Golf is turned in to a VW supercharged R32 Porsche eater, breathing over 370bhp ! This week the very nice guys from TRD (Viezu Dealers) brought us the latest version of their Golf R32 Super charger kit, and boy was it impressive, TRD developed the kit last year and after Viezu ecu remapping the Golf R32 performance was then up 100bhp over stock, but now the kit is boasting a very smart looking charge cooler. The guys have done a great job, the kit looks every part factory fit. So now we just needed to add a little Viezu tuning to get the most form the new set up.…………and the result ………………+ 130bhp over the standard R32

The Golf R32 tuning resulted in a huge 370bhp – Nice job guys!. Heres the video link : But you don’t have to strap on a super charger for some extra performance, the results from VW Golf 3.2 Vr6 R32 tuning can be very impressive, a Viezu ECU remap on the VW Golf R32 will see gains of 24bhp transforming the delivery of power and performance   

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