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Tune Diesel VAG cars Via OBD - VW tuning made easy

Date Added: 13/01/2015

Tune Diesel VAG cars Via OBD - VW tuning made easy 

Viezu is excited to announce it can now tune most diesel anti-tune VAG's via the OBD with the Kess V2.  Over 500 of our car tuning dealer operate the Alientech Kees V2 car tuning system

Vag tuning remapping

With The Alientech tuning software Ksuite 2.09 you can now forget about removing diesel Volkswagan and Audi Group ECU?s, because a huge range can now be tuned and ecu remapped via the OBD. How do you make sure you can do this with your Kess V2 tuning  tool. Simply make sure your Alientech Kess V2 liecense is fully up to date and you can start tuning and remapping today! So if you want VW Tuning , Audi tuning, Seat Tuning and Skoda Tuning , these great vehicles are now unlocked for OBD tuning and ECU remapping, saving you time and effort to get the Viezu tune and engine ECU remap loaded. No need to remove the cars ECU anymore! If you would like any further information on tuning with Viezu, training or tuning and remapping support please contact