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Toyota Rav 4 2.2 D4-D Diesel Tuning at Viezu Technologies

Date Added: 13/11/2015

Toyota Rav 4 tuning at Viezu :  With the latest evolution in tuning we can now offer remapping and tuning on Toyota Rav 4 D4-D models. Our new development allows us to ECU remap otherwise known as chip tuning for the Toyota Rav 4 D4-D. Fuel economy tuning can be carried out saving you money on your diesel bills while still maintaining original engine performance on your Toyota Rav 4 D4-D. We are able to provide this type of ECU tuning on a range of Toyota Rav 4 models from 2006 onwards. We also support performance ECU tuning on Toyota Rav 4 2.2 D4-D models from 2006 onwards giving increases in overall horsepower throughout the rev range, but perhaps more importantly we can increase the torque from your Toyota Rav 4 D4-D engine improving driveability; a huge advantage if you are towing or carrying weight with your Rav 4.

Toyota tuning

All Viezu tuning options for the Toyota Rav 4 D4-D are backed by our 30 day guarantee, we can also offer a range of other tuning solutions and components for your Toyota Rav 4 from air filters, polyurethane bushes and brakes to wheels and tyres for any condition or driving type. Contact us on or by calling us on 01789 774444 to discuss tuning your Toyota Rav 4 D4-D.