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Toyota Hilux ECU Tuning and Toyota Remapping

Date Added: 23/10/2015

Toyota Hilux ECU Tuning and Toyota Remapping 

Toyota Hilux Tuning, the Toyota Hilux is the iconic workhorse of the Toyota brand, renowned for its reliability and robustness. Viezu is now pleased to announce engine remapping for the Toyota Hilux 2.5, 3.0 diesel and the 2.7 petrol engines. The remap is customized to the individual customer requirements for economy, performance or even a bit of both. So whenever you?re after fuel economy or wish to turn your workhorse in to a work-animal, Viezu Technologies has you covered. Viezu Technologies custom remaps are all made in house on our 3000bhp Mustang Dyno, so you know you will get possible remap if you come to us or one of our worldwide dealers.

Toyota Hilux ECU Tuning

The Toyota Hilux 2500 and 3000 engines with factory settings are certainly not to be scoffed at, but here at Viezu Technologies we commonly hear from Hilux drivers that engine is a little lacking especially when towing and pulling away. But why we ask, settle for ?a little bit lacking? when Viezu Technologies can unlock the full potential of your vehicle with an engine remap, ensuring full value for money. 2700 engine is a big engine for a big vehicle so it?s just asking for engine tuning to unlock the hidden away performance, which the vehicle and drivers are asking for. Viezu Technologies ECU recalibration is normally done in a couple of hours completely transforming the Toyota Hilux. For more information on our performance tuning please click

Also for your peace of mind Viezu Technologies offer free Euro 6 MOT emissions testing before and after vehicle tuning. So if you are interested in invigorating your Toyota Hilux Tuning and remapping, please contact Viezu Technologies to book in today! Please see our website for more details -