SAAB 95 Turbo Tuning

Date Added: 22/10/2010


SAAB 95 Turbo Tuning

Viezu SAAB Tuning


This week we have gone a little Swedish with some SAAB 95 Turbo tuning. The SAAB turbo engines are really tuneable, like most turbo petrol engines the Saab 95 turbo tuning delivers great results responding well to the correct alteration of spark advance and fuelling.

Viezu SAAB Tuning can give very significant extra power and torque completely transforming the SAAB 95 Turbo giving great throttle response, additional midrange power and acceleration and an impressive 45bhp, Viezu is constantly developing and improving its ECU tuning services.

All development work is carried out in Viezu’s state of the art environmentally controlled Dyno cell, which houses Viezu’s 3000bhp rolling road and emission testing system. Viezu offers a great range of “Swedish” tuning, offering SAAB tuning and Volvo Tuning for the full range of vehicles, as well as SAAB and Volvo performance parts.

The SAAB 95 and SAAB 93 tuning is very responsive for both SAAB petrol and diesel vehicles.  Also available from Viezu is a full range of Volvo tuning, including Volvo XC90 and XC70 tuning, C70, S40, S50, S60 tuning, as well as V50 and V70 tuning.

Volvo tuning, Volvo DPF removal, SAAB 93 and SAAB 95 tuning can be carried out at Viezu’s UK and worldwide dealer network, you can find your nearest dealer here:

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