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Porsche 997 Turbo Tuning

Date Added: 18/11/2010

  Porsche 997 turbo tuning - viezu


We have had this lovely Porsche 997 turbo in for tuning this week at our new dealers in Kuwait, tuning in the Middle East is big business and we were keen to show what we could do. Viezu has an excellent range of tuning for the Porsche 997 turbo, but often we find high performance cars can respond differently than UK or USA spec vehicles, this is where Viezu stand alone with our range of tuning and bespoke custom car tuning services.

The highly skilled Viezu technicians can adapt our high performance tuning files for differences in fuel grade, altitude and local model derivatives. So this Porsche 997 turbo was about to get the Viezu treatment.  We recently spent a lot of time on the dyno with the Porsche Carrera and Porsche 997 turbo models at our UK technical and research centre, so Porsche 997 tuning is a subject we know very well indeed.

So now it was time to see if we could find a little more power on this Middle East based Porsche 997 turbo, the first run showed a reasonable 443 bhp, not bad, but two maps later and a little expert adjustment for fuel octane rating and she was running a rather impressive 495 bhp, up 52bhp over stock, and very significantly up on power across the whole rev range and transforming the throttle response and power deliver of this Porsche 997 Super car. 

Where ever you are in the world, why settle for a standard off the shelf tune, when you can have a full custom ecu remap for Viezu and its worldwide network of dealers can undertake Porsche tuning and Porsche ECU remapping for almost all the range of Porsche vehicles. Including Porsche 997 turbo, and Porsche 996 turbo tuning and performance tuning, Carrera, 944, 924 (Older models will require chip tuning) and Porsche cayman tuning and Porsche Boxster tuning. The 4×4 Porsche Cayenne tuning can be for both petrol and diesel models

All Viezu Porsche tuning, and all our ECU remapping comes with our try before you buy, money back promise and independent insurance.  To find your closest performance Porsche tuning centre please see: