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Mercedes C63 AMG Speed limiter Removal - Mercedes C63 Tuning at Viezu

Date Added: 13/06/2013

Mercedes C63 AMG Speed limiter Removal - Mercedes C63 Tuning at Viezu 

Mercedes C63 Tuning at Viezu

The Mercedes C63 is a great vehicle, and Viezu have a great range of tuning and remapping for the Mercedes C63, quite often though we have been asked for Mercedes C63 Speed Limiter removal or speed limiter deactivation, we are careful about offering these services, but with a car like the Mercedes C63, we do appreciate there are some enthusiastic drives that either use their C63 for track days and motorsport applications, as such we felt a genuine need to develop a range of Mercedes C63 speed limiter removal services.

All our Viezu Mercedes C63 AMG tuning maps are constructed in-house by our dedicated technical team of ecu remap software specialists. And we are now very pleased to confirm Mercedes C63 speed limiter tuning has been added to our range to Mercedes C63 tuning and remapping services.

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