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March was all about Land Rover and Range Rover Tuning at Viezu

Date Added: 07/03/2013

March was all about Land Rover and Range Rover Tuning at Viezu 

Land rover defender remapping

To kick off Viezu Technologies Land Rover focused month of March, than a Land Rover dyno Day. We held a Land Rover dyno day on behalf of IRB Developments. This was an open day for Land Rover enthusiasts, it was open to all years and models to come down and run their vehicle on the dyno. These Land Rover enthusiasts are regular people, just a little more passionate about their Land Rovers, some have had their Land Rovers tuned and Range Rovers remapped to offer better power, throttle response, torque delivery etc. The Range Rover tuning and dyno day through up a lot of surprises with a number of Land Rovers that had been tuned elsewhere, claiming much higher figures than the vehicle was actually was producing in the cold light of day.

The Mustang MD 500 AWD dyno that we use, is a harsh mistress, and many a claimed BHP figure has been shown to have fallen well short of the mark when run on the dyno and the true figures are shown. This dyno is one of the most accurate dyno’s on the market and is the reason Viezu Technologies can be sure of the quality of Land Rover remaps and Range Rover Tuning that we offer, is of the highest calibre. The day was an enjoyable one for all with the highlight of the day for most people being the ‘custard yellow’, 1965 built, series 2 defender. A grand total of 37hp! What a machine. Insert picture

Land Rover defender remapping

Although this was a little too old for tuning, Viezu Technologies can offer a wide range of Blue Optimize all the way through to out and out performance tuning for your Range Rover or Land Rover. For more information please contact  And you can see more of our Land Rover and Range Rover services here