Land Rover Defender Sawtooth Wheels

 Land Rover Defender Sawtooth Wheels 

We have some exciting news for you!! Due to very high demand we now have both the 16″ and the 18″ Gloss Black Land Rover Defender Sawtooth wheels back in stock! 

These wheels will fit all Land Rover Defender models will give your Defender a unique bang up to date look, making you and your Defender stand out from the crowd!  

land rover defender sawtooth wheels

The more wheels you buy the more you save! We have limited stock so to place your order now by calling us on 01789 774444, or email us at


The more wheels you buy the more you save! 


18″ Gloss Black Wheels:

1 Wheel – £108.00 + VAT

4 Wheels – £400.00 + VAT

5 Wheels – £500.00 + VAT



16″ Gloss Black Sawtooth Wheels:

1 Wheel – £83.00 + VAT

4 Wheels – £300.00 + VAT

5 Wheels – £375.00 + VAT 


Fitting or Shipping?


Need quick no hassle installation? 

We also offer fitting and tyre replacement too. If you are looking for tyres to go with your new wheels. Drop us a mail with your preference of road, off road or mid terrain tyres, and we will be happy to arrange a fully fitted quote.   

Need to ship to you?  

We offer UK and Worldwide shipping. And if your sale is outside of the UK, its tax free too. 


If this is of interest to you, then please contact us and please don’t forget we have a limited number of wheels, so don’t miss out. 

Land Rover Defender restoration, upgrades, specific vehicle builds and rebuilds available. If your wheels are just part of a bigger project let us know and we will be happy to assist and support your wider Land Rover Defender project plans