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ECO Tuning - Save on the cost of fuel and keep your emissions in check

Date Added: 04/02/2014

ECO Tuning - Save on the cost of fuel and keep your emissions in check

ECO Tuning and remapping Viezu Technologies introducing responsible tuning to the aftermarket car and van tuning sector. Viezu has invested in state-of-the-art emission testing equipment especially targeting Nox and Sox emission production post chip-tuning/remapping. The emission testing equipment is portable and performs five gas analysis data recording live on the rolling road following standard drive cycles and on the road across a number of real-world driving conditions. Manufacturers have made huge advances in cleaner, greener and more fuel efficient vehicles as a vehicle tuning Company Viezu has a responsibility to ensure all our tuning remaps do not have an adverse effect on the vehicle and also on the environment. Years of research and development has gone into creating the Viezu BlueOptimize remap, designed to keep fuel costs down and emissions in check. On a standard MoT test, BlueOptimize can show an emissions reduction of up to 30% and now we can record Nox and Sox gases live as the tune file is being developed. Vehicle tuning with emission testing is carried out at the Viezu HQ Viezu Tuning 

  We can record and log live real world emissions output and fuel use in the most accurate and reliable was in the aftermarket tuning and ecu remapping sector with devices connected to the vehicle whilst in use. We are the only tuning Company to tackle the matter of Nox and Sox as a result of ECU recalibration, Chip-tuning and remapping. You can see more on our van tuning services here: economy tuning 

Testing services are also available to other tuning companies who wish to understand how their remaps may be affecting emissions as we see this as an important breakthrough and differentiator to those serious about proving high quality and reliable remaps visit the Special Projects Team to discuss requirements.