Diesel Particulate Filter Tuning – DPF Delete and removal at Viezu

To complement our extensive performance, economy and C02 reduction tuning, as well as our DPF Cleaning service,  Viezu now also offers a range of Diesel Particulate Filter Removal, DPF delete software and DPF removal tuning services. In its standard form a vehicles Diesel Particulate Filter, or tdi dpf cycle can be troublesome for a range of reasons, to reduce driver inconvenience and costly repairs Viezu can tune or remove DPF or delete DPF function allowing for improved reliability, servicing and performance.

In the UK this is only offered for off-road and motorsport use*

Here is just a sample of the vehicles where Diesel Particulate Filters or tdi dpf’s can be removed, deleted or remapped Alfa Romeo for = EDC16 – EDC17 Audi  = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Audi dpf BMW  = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf Chevvy/Chevrolet DPF delete for = EDC16 – EDC17 dpt Citroen for = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x dpf Fiat  = EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD Ford  = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Ford tdi dpf Honda  = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Hyundai  = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf Jaguar = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Kia DPF = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf Lancia  = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf Mazda  – EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Mercedes = EDC16 – EDC17 Mini  = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf Nissan = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x Opel = EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD Peugeot  = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x Renault  = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x SAAB = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf Seat = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Skoda = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Suzuki  = EDC16 tdi dpf VAG EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Volvo = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID VW = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD (VW dpf)   If you would like further information on Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) removal, tuning or other Viezu services please contact us at www.viezu.com Please see our new Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) delete and DPF removal websitehttps://viezu.com/diesel-tuning-ecu-remapping-and-dpf-delete  Whatever your DPF issues we are here to help and advise. Our web site www.viezu.com has lots of information on it, and you can look up specific vehicles here: https://viezu.com/Your-Vehicle/

*it is up to the customer in international markets to make sure their vehicle remains complaint with all laws and legislations.