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Commercial Vehicle Show – Viezu Fleet Tuning and Fleet Remapping for Fuel economy.

Date Added: 12/04/2013

Commercial Vehicle Show – Viezu Fleet Tuning and Fleet Remapping for Fuel economy.

fleet fuel economy tuning

This week the Viezu team have been exhibiting at the UK NEC Commercial Vehicle Show. Viezu have been show casing our Fleet tuning and ecu remap services for fleet fuel saving and fuel economy tuning services. Fresh on the back of completing the BT van fleet of 24,000 vehicles all tuned by Viezu for fuel economy and fuel saving, there were lots of questions from fleet operators and van users to understand what Viezu remapping and fuel saving tuning could deliver. You can see more on the BT van tuning and fuel savings here

The combination of the CV show, and the recent FleetNews award win for Viezu and its fleet tuning and fuel saving remaps ensured the Viezu show stand what packs from morning to night each day. Talk of the town was the recent completion of the tuning of the BT van fleet, at times Viezu were undertaking the BT van tuning at the rate of over 300 a day, no other tuning and remap provider has ever undertaken such a task, the “fuel save tuning” project was delivered on time, on target and has exceeded the fuel savings and fuel economy improvements projected, furthermore not only has Viezu’s fuel economy tuning won a number of awards, but our tuning project with BT recently won the FleetNews Cist saving initiative of the year too you can see more on the award here Viezu Awards


Viezu fleet economy remapping

See our fleet tuning and fuel economy tuning services explained in detail here : If you are looking for fuel economy tuning for your fleet of van, cars or commercial vehicles we can help, please mail us at