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Car Tuning, Performance and Dyno Assessment Session

Date Added: 06/02/2015

Car Tuning, Performance and Dyno Assessment Session

Viezu is delighted to open its all new high performance car tuning and prestige car service centre in the Midlands, located in Bidford On Avon – The new Viezu HQ is probably one of the largest dedicated tuning and remapping workshops in the UK. Viezu Tuning are delighted to offer our customers a very special vehicle tuning and performance assessment service session.

The world of car tuning, remapping and performance tuning parts can be quite daunting, many customers are unsure of the tuning options, or which items, tuning or vehicle upgrades to select first, others may have purchased a used vehicle that is reported to have been tuned, remapped or upgraded previously, but really don’t know the performance and condition of the modification and tuning work that has been carried out.

car tuning and remapping viezu

To assist our customers we are offering an in depth tuning and performance assessment session. The assessment is a detailed look at your cars condition, performance, and any tuning work undertaken to date, it will help you understand your cars current level of performance and its tuning potential, both from remapping, performance parts and exhaust systems.
So if you want to test your cars performance, understand its tuning and the potential for a little more power, torque or even fuel economy we are here to help.

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So whats included in the Viezu tuning and performance assessment?
• Full 4x4 dyno session, testing for power, performance and torque
• ¼ mile time check
• Diagnostic fault code identification and testing
• 5 Gas emission test
• Air / fuel ratio test
• DPF condition and regeneration factor (diesel only)
• Performance assessment of any current tuning / modifications
• If your vehicle is remapped already – map testing and checking
• General health inspection carried out by our highly skilled technicians – checking service items, suspension, tyres, drive chain, brakes, exhaust, etc.
• Report presentation and advice on condition, tuning, modification options and potential results

All this for just £55 + vat

But wait ….there is more…..if you spend £250 or more with Viezu within 12 weeks of your assessment session, we will take the inspection fee off your invoice

tuning and remapping worcester

Our Performance and Tuning assessment session will be conducted by Viezu’s Performance and Service Manager, you are welcome to wait and you can even participate in some of the car testing and inspection elements, including the 4x4 dyno session. Now that’s something you probably don’t do every day

There is no cheesy sales pitch at the end, just good honest advice on the condition of your car, the tuning or performance parts fitted and perhaps some suggestion of what you may like to consider if you wanted a little more power and performance

viezu car tuning ecu remapping

The Viezu workshop is now open for all ecu remapping, dyno tuning, tuning demonstration and training, we also offer a stunning range of high performance exhaust system and fitting too of course, catalytic convertors, upgraded intercoolers, turbo, brake upgrades, and general service and repair work for most cars.
Our Technicians include both Prestige vehicle and Motorsport (Rally) back grounds and experience.
To book your performance tuning assessment and health check for your car mail us now at