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Car tuning and car tuning training in South Africa

Date Added: 15/08/2013

Car tuning and car tuning training in South Africa 

Car tuning and car tuning training in South Africa 2013

Viezu car tuning training in South Africa - Viezu are the worlds leading car tuning software and tuning training providers. This August for the first time the Viezu Academy will be holding our award winning car tuning training courses and remap classes in South Africa. The Viezu African car tuning course and training session has been especially developed to account of the local African climate and altitude.

The Viezu Academy is our in-house car tuning training school and has been borne out of countless years of researching and developing in custom ecu remapping technologies and tailored vehicle tunes to provide our customers with the very best in vehicle tuning. Viezu?s comprehensive training courses are designed assist any student with the tuning knowledge required to be independent vehicle tuner. No component of tuning is left out and we cover everything from petrol and diesel tuning, to performance, fuel economy, carbon reduction, DPF delete, on cars, vans, HGVs, and plant and marine vehicles, and more! The South African car tuning course is already a sell out with all places booked with just over a week now it looks like its going to be a great 4 day session You can see more information here car tuning training

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