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Car Tuning – Viezu Berkshire

Date Added: 17/10/2010

  Car tuning Berkshire


Car Tuning – Viezu Berkshire Viezu is very pleased to announce the appointment of a new dealer Viezu Berkshire Viezu Berkshire ( ) offers car tuning and ecu remapping across the Berkshire area, including mobile tuning in Slough, Windsor, Reading, Woking, High Wycombe, across the county and further afield.

As well as a mobile car tuning service and ecu remapping Viezu Berkshire has full access to Viezu’s 3000bhp rolling road and state of the art technical centre. They also stock and can supply an extensive range of performance car parts including performance exhaust systems, air induction kits, super charger pulley conversions and more Whatever you car tuning requirements the team will be happy to help, you can reach them at

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Viezu tuning have moved to hew HQ offices, you can find us here or check our dealers here